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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset


Who We Are

Goodwater Montessori is a public Montessori charter school located in Georgetown, Texas. Our objective is to provide an exceptional public Montessori education to all children and their families, encouraging a life-long love of learning and active participation in their communities and the world.

About Montessori

Montessori is an educational method founded in 1907 by Italian physician Maria Montessori, who based her methods on scientific observation of how children learn. Dr. Montessori believed that we should not fill children with facts but rather cultivate their natural desire to learn. Montessori students are often known for their critical thinking ability and independence.

About Charter Schools

Charter Schools are public schools. In Texas, charter schools are partly funded by the state and provide an alternative education option for parents and students. Because they receive less funding per student, Charter Schools often rely on their closely-knit communities to help support them. In order for our school to flourish, it relies on families to help provide financial support.

What We Provide

We offer a community-oriented alternative education option for students and families that value challenging work, building independence, and cultivating a love of learning. We achieve this through the Montessori method, which prioritizes unique physical learning materials, low teacher-student ratios, self-directed learning, and mixed-age classrooms.

While we do welcome all children, our program is not necessarily right for everyone. Children who need a highly regimented classroom environment might have trouble adapting to the Montessori way, which offers more freedom and also more personal accountability. The best way to find out if our school is the right fit is to check the events page and attend one of our prospective family events.

Contact us if you have questions!