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goodwater students wave ribbons in the breeze outdoors on a sunny day

Donate Online

Setting up a one-time or recurring online donation is the best way to support Goodwater Montessori. Charter schools in Texas receive significantly less funding than public schools. For more information on these topics, see how we are funded and the different giving options available for families to support our school.

Suggested Donations

Goodwater Montessori is grateful for a donation in any amount. However, we would like to offer some suggestions:


$25 per month, per student

This is our suggested minimum donation for families. If every family gave this, the school would reliably raise over $75,000 each year at a minimum.

This amount is the equivalent of one trip to Starbucks for a family of four, each month.


$75 per month, per student

Families in the position to give more can help cover the cost of families who can not donate. If you can, please consider this option.

This amount is equivalent to a casual meal for four at a quick-service chain restaurant.


$100 per month, per student

If one in four families donated this amount, the school would raise approximately $125,000 more each school year. Be a champion, if you can.

This amount is equivalent to a trip to the movies for a large family, including snacks.

Goodwater Montessori can not exist without steady donations to close its funding gap. This funding gap exists because Texas state laws are written in such a way that charter schools receive significantly less funding. Every single donation helps make sure that our school can continue to operate.

Donate Now

WilCo Montessori Partners is a public charity classified as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS.  All donations received are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.