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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset

How We Are Funded

As an open-enrollment publicly funded charter school, Goodwater Montessori School does not charge tuition.

However, parents and families of Goodwater students should be aware that Texas charter schools receive about $2,000 less per student per year in funding than traditional public schools.

As shown in this infographic from the Texas Charter School Association, charter schools have only two funding sources (at the state level). In contrast, independent school districts receive funds from 4 sources – both funding from the state and also local property taxes.

In addition to having less funding, charter schools frequently serve more disadvantaged student populations, including more students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and with special education needs.

Goodwater Montessori is committed to providing an excellent, individualized education for children that builds a passion for lifelong learning and sets them up for success in high school and beyond. The Montessori method of child-led education requires significant investment in purchasing teaching materials and in hiring guides who are both state-certified and Montessori-trained teachers.

To ensure a high-quality Montessori education is possible, Goodwater encourages all parents to contribute financially to their children’s education through donations to the school’s annual fundraisers. Learn more about how you can help support Goodwater’s mission to provide an exceptional Montessori education to all children on our giving page.