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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

At the start of each school year and during adverse weather, arrival and dismissal takes longer. Please plan accordingly. We thank you in advance for your grace and patience during these times.

Pick-up and Drop-off Presentation

Please review the following pick-up and drop-off procedures for maps and diagrams of our arrival and dismissal plans for this year.

General Guidelines

  • Please do not use cell phones while dropping off or picking up your children.
  • Please follow the direction of all staff and volunteers directing traffic and assisting students.
  • Please leave the crosswalks clear. Do not stop on them. Please make note of all crosswalks on the school grounds. We will have staff to help the students stay safe but the drivers must as well.
  • The lines can be long. Please pull close to the car in front of you so fewer cars block Stadium Drive.
  • Parents/Guardians must have a pickup card on display in order to pick up students.
  • Please embody Montessori principles and practice Grace and Courtesy to those around you.
  • Our top priority is to protect the safety of our students and staff; as well as consideration for our neighbors.


  • The arrival lines begin at 7:40 AM and end at 7:55 AM.
  • We do not have staff to watch the children before 7:40 AM.
  • When everyone arrives at 7:50 AM the line is very long. Please plan to arrive before 7:50 AM. 
  • If you arrive late, please park and walk your student(s) into the front office.


  • The Dismissal Lines begin at 3:25 PM and end at 3:45 PM. Please pick up your student on time.
  • Students participating in the after-school program can be picked up from the school’s main entrance.
  • If you expect to arrive late to dismissal, please contact the school immediately and let our staff know.

Adverse Weather

In the event of lightning, we will keep students inside the building until the threat has passed. Our guidance will be as follows in these severe weather situations. The CDC tells us, “When thunder roars, go indoors.” They also advise following the 30-30 rule, which means if less than 30 seconds pass after lightning strikes before hearing thunder, you should take shelter. We will wait 30 minutes to ensure the safety of students and staff before continuing the pickup process.

In the event of heavy rain, we will do our best to keep students from getting wet. All students will generally be dismissed from the school’s main entrance on days when there is heavy precipitation. We ask for your patience as we maneuver these weather events.

Crystal Knoll Walkers/Bikers

Families and students who live in Crystal Knoll will be crossing Stadium Dr. in the morning and afternoon. Please make sure you slow down to accommodate these families.