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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset

What are Charter Schools?

Goodwater Montessori School is a charter school approved by the State of Texas. Charter schools are public schools. In Texas, charter schools are funded by the State, providing options for parents and students to pursue their ideal educational experience. 

Charter schools are open to all children who are eligible to attend traditional public schools. They are governed by a local Board using adopted bylaws and are required to meet all Texas school accountability and fiscal integrity standards. Goodwater’s charter application was approved by the Texas State Board of Education in July 2016, and the school opened in September 2017.

Children attending charter schools benefit from high academic standards and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Charter schools are organized by a founding group that is passionate about the basic tenets of the curriculum. (In Goodwater’s case, that’s WilCo Montessori Partners.) Board members, staff members, parents, students, and community members are attracted to the charter school because their interests coincide with the charter school’s educational program and special themes. Charter schools are responsive to parents’ concerns because they operate in a free market. Parents literally make the choice to send their children to the charter school, and parent involvement in school activities is welcome and encouraged.

Williamson County is fortunate to have several excellent Montessori schools. However, they are private schools that must charge tuition, and enrollment is limited to families that can afford that expense. As envisioned by its founding group, WilCo Montessori Partners, Goodwater is a public charter school, making Montessori affordable to more families. Goodwater Montessori School is just that — a public school, and is open to all students whose parents or guardians reside in Williamson County. (If there are more students wishing to attend than seats, enrollment is determined by a lottery.)

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