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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset


In Texas, charter schools receive significantly less funding per student than regular public schools.

Because of this funding gap, we rely on our families and community to make up the difference. Every family that joins our community is expected to donate to the school — whether that donation takes the form of volunteer hours, cash donations, or helping the school raise money.

Goodwater Montessori delivers a unique educational experience that isn’t available at a typical public school. Our families understand the value of the public Montessori experience their child receives each and every day, and they step up in big ways to help our school.

There are three primary ways that families can help Goodwater Montessori close its funding gap:

Online Donations

Families can directly support the school through direct one-time or recurring online donations. All of the funds go to the school, less standard credit card processing fees. For families that have the means to do so, this is the best way to support our school. These donations fund the everyday operations of our school.

Donate Online Now

Every dollar counts. Help ensure that Goodwater Montessori can continue to offer a public Montessori option in Williamson County.


Fundraising & Grants

Families who can’t donate directly can still make a big difference for our school financially. The school needs volunteers to call local businesses and fundraise for the school and to help with grant writing efforts. If you can’t donate directly, please consider donating your time to help raise money for Goodwater Montessori in our local community.

Parents who are interested should contact the school in order to get involved with the fundraising committee.

Raise Craze

Raise Craze is a unique way for our school to raise money while helping our community during the month of February. We ask our supporters for donations and then Goodwater Montessori students, staff, and volunteers will pay it forward by helping the community. The money raised will be used for Goodwater Montessori’s general fund, which supports various school-wide needs.

Register for Raise Craze and make sure that your student and family members participate each year.