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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset

Information for New Families

This page contains a collection of important information and resources that are important for new families.

New families should read through this ENTIRE page and visit every link relevant to them.

Quick Links for Getting Started

School and Family Agreement

Goodwater Montessori is a learning community that seeks to educate the whole child. We take our commitment to serving not only the children enrolled at the school but the entire family seriously. Children thrive when home and school work in harmony, with both environments sharing the same educational values and expectations. Choosing to attend Goodwater means the family must agree to a set of expectations related to the school’s mission, operating principles, and policies.

Those principles and policies are described in the School and Family Agreement.

Supporting Our School

In Texas, charter schools receive significantly less funding per student than regular public schools. Because of this funding gap, we rely on our families and community to make up the difference. Every family that joins our community is expected to donate to the school — whether that donation takes the form of volunteer hours, cash donations, or helping the school raise money.

Without regular direct support from our families and the community, Goodwater Montessori could not exist. Learn more on the Giving page.

Good Attendance is Essential

If your student is enrolled in Goodwater Montessori School their attendance is compulsory – this means that students must attend every day and for the entire length of their school day. Even those who are enrolled in the Pre-Kindergarten program must attend every day (unless they are ill) or they risk losing their spot in the school.

When students have poor attendance, Goodwater Montessori loses funding. Please do not travel or vacation during dates when school is in session. Goodwater is a public school and must abide by the school attendance laws of the State of Texas.

For each day a student misses school, Goodwater Montessori loses approximately $60 in funding!

School Lunch Available

Goodwater offers a daily hot lunch option for all students. Please note that the deadline for ordering hot lunch is Sunday before midnight for the following week.

Students may also bring their lunch daily. Please keep in mind we have communities that are nut-free. If you are not sure if your community is a nut-free community, please reach out to your guide. All lunches are eaten in the classrooms as part of the Montessori model.

See this link for more hot lunch information, including free and reduced applications.

School Supplies

All students will be responsible for supplying a water bottle, and a lunch from home unless you are ordering lunch at school. PreK-3 students will need to bring nap items. Rather than purchasing school supplies, families must pay a supply fee each year before school begins.


Families should ensure that they are subscribed or enrolled in the following areas.

Weekly Email Newsletter

All families should subscribe to the school’s weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date. Families will also receive weekly updates from their child’s teacher.

Remind App

Download the Remind app to get free text messages with important alerts about the school.

Our code is @goodwat inside of the app.

Social Media

Goodwater Montessori has official profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also a Facebook Group for current families. Please join the group to connect to our wider community and get to know some of the other families who call Goodwater home. The Facebook group is not an acceptable substitute for official communications.