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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset

General Admissions & Lottery Process

Admission Process and Information

There are three steps to enrolling your student to attend Goodwater:

  1. Submit an Application: This is a short form filled out for new/interested students. The initial application period is early Spring, though applications can be filled out any time of the school year.
  2. Complete Registration: Longer forms are filled out and required documents are submitted after a student is accepted. Students may get accepted anytime, as space becomes available at the school.
  3. Finalize Enrollment: This official status is granted when the student arrives on campus and their attendance is taken. Your student is not officially enrolled until this step is complete.


Families may submit an online application during a designated application period each year to indicate their interest in having their child attend Goodwater. The school will begin accepting applications for admission for the next school year in February of the current school year, this is the “Open-Enrollment Period.” This admissions application period is open for six weeks.

Please note: Submitting the enrollment application only indicates your interest and places your child’s name on the potential student list, it does not guarantee a spot for him or her.


When any grade is over-subscribed (when there are more applicants than spaces) at the end of the application period, Goodwater Montessori School will conduct an electronic lottery per State of Texas guidelines requirements until all openings are filled. The following are exempt from the lottery if applications are submitted during the designated application period:

  1. Children of Goodwater Montessori School staff members, and
  2. Siblings of enrolled Goodwater Montessori School students.

Children not selected for immediate placement will be placed on a waitlist according to their number in the lottery process.

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions

Pre-Kindergarten applicants eligible for the State Pre-Kindergarten Program will have priority in admission. If there are additional Pre-Kindergarten spaces, they will be filled by non-eligible students.


Goodwater Montessori School strives to maintain full and vital classrooms at all times. An electronic waitlist will be maintained for each grade. As positions become available throughout the year (as in the event of a student withdrawal), the family of the student occupying the next position in their grade’s waitlist will be notified and instructed to submit a registration packet. Please note that students may sometimes move down on the waitlist if siblings are prioritized above them.

Applications After the Lottery Date

Applications submitted after the deadline for the lottery will be added to the end of the appropriate grade’s waitlist. The school will continue to accept applications through the school year after the school year begins.

Some grades may have very short or no waitlist at times, so families are encouraged to apply for admission outside of the open-enrollment period. Your child may be able to join Goodwater at any time during the current academic year.

Please contact us for more information if you’re interested in getting on the waitlist or enrolling your child for the current academic year.