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Board of Directors

We are currently seeking additional board members. Learn more at the bottom of this page.

Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Robinson, President

Suzanne Robinson graduated from The University of Nebraska Omaha with a degree in Political Science and from Creighton University with a law degree. She has spent her career working in financial services and banking.  Suzanne and her husband have two daughters that have attended Montessori schools.  She loves to cook, run marathons (six so far), and compete in Ironman triathlons.

Allen Brown

Dr. Allen Brown, Vice President

Dr. Brown is enjoying his 48th year in education (2022). He has taught at every level, from grade 6 to doctoral studies. He was a building leader and curriculum director before becoming a school superintendent for 17 years in four different districts. At the university level, Dr. Brown was a full-time professor for 10 years. He also served as Dean of the College of Education and Assistant Provost before retiring from full-time service in 2022. He is currently a Senior Adjunct at Concordia University, Texas. He and his wife Jane have 5 grown children. He enjoys all artistic pursuits and woodworking.

Dr. Emily Sydnor, Treasurer

Dr. Sydnor is an associate professor of political science at Southwestern University. She teaches classes in American Politics, is the faculty liaison for student voter engagement on campus, and is the author of Disrespectful Democracy: The Psychology of Political Incivility. When she’s not trying to increase students’ sense of political efficacy, she plays soccer with the Austin Women’s Soccer League, crochets, and hangs out with her cats.

Kandace Ayala, Member

Meet Kandace Ayala, CMP  – a people-person who thrives on building a sense of community. She enjoys exploring uncharted territory and thinking outside the box. With 15 years of experience as a project and people manager, she can lead diverse teams in operations and strategic event management. Kandace is known for her excellent organizational and social skills, which come in handy when supporting her colleagues and clients. She has worked at a global event agency, managing projects for industry and association clients. Currently, Kandace is employed at a locally-owned woman-owned design studio.

Lydia Hancock, Secretary

Lydia Hancock, a mother of three Goodwater Montessori students, wholeheartedly supports the school’s mission of fostering a lifelong love of learning and active community engagement through Montessori education. Drawing from her upbringing in an Amish community and her family’s experiences with disabilities, she is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes the well-being of all involved. Professionally, with an MBA, she leads quality affairs at a local high-tech medical device company, where she prioritizes technological development and mentors corporate leaders. Personally, she enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle and engaging in various handcrafts and activities with her sons.

Interested in serving on our board?

Serving on Goodwater’s board is one of the biggest ways that an individual can support the school’s mission.

Goodwater Montessori’s board is comprised of individuals who have strong professional backgrounds and who possess special knowledge or skills that can be leveraged to benefit the school. Being a board member is an unpaid volunteer position requiring at minimum, 12 hours per month of time commitment. Our board members do this because they care deeply about the school and the community around it.

If you are interested in serving, please review the following list of requirements before reaching out:

  • A resident of Williamson County or an adjacent county.
  • Willingness to accept the requirements of the office. 
  • Commitment to attend monthly Board meetings, assigned committee meetings, and relevant school events.
  • Commitment to support and adhere to Goodwater Montessori School Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures.
  • Demonstration of a knowledge of the Montessori Method and to tuition-free Montessori education. 
  • Demonstration of the ability to participate productively in fundraising efforts, benefiting the school.
  • Possesses unique expertise, social capital, or personal financial resources to materially support the school.

Please fill out the form below to submit yourself for consideration to join our board.

Board Member Application

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