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The exterior of Goodwater Montessori School's main building at sunset


Charter Schools receive significantly less funding per-student than normal public schools. And volunteering at the school is a big way that families can help close the funding gap. When volunteers donate their time and energy to help the school, it makes a big difference because often the work they do allows the school to stretch its funding further.

How to Volunteer

Volunteering at Goodwater Montessori is easy.  Every year anyone who wishes to volunteer at the school, whether it be to read with children, help out in cooking projects, or chaperone field trips, needs to fill out a volunteer application to go through a background check.

Become a Volunteer

Our school wouldn’t be what it is today without the incredible parent volunteers who work tirelessly to make Goodwater a great place to be.

Volunteer Now

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Parents with special knowledge or skills, or those who are particularly passionate about Montessori or public education in general can support the school more deeply through our board and committees.

Some committees that parents can serve on include:

  • Safety & Security
  • School Academic Improvement
  • Diversity
  • Technology

If you would like to learn more and sign up for a committee, please contact the school.

If you are interested in serving on the Wilco Montessori Partners Board of Directors, please visit our board page.