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“Grateful for Goodwater”: A Montessori Community United for #GivingTuesday

Introduction: As the holiday season approaches, we at Goodwater Montessori Charter School have much to be grateful for. Our school’s heart is the community surrounding it– dedicated educators, passionate support staff, and engaged parents. To capture the essence of this gratitude and the impact of Goodwater, we surveyed our administration, guides, and support staff. The results are not just statistics; they are heartfelt expressions of the transformative power of Montessori education

Superintendent/CEO – Nurturing a Family Community: Our Superintendent/CEO, who transitioned from being a Guide in Lower Elementary, shared insights into the growth of Goodwater as a family community. The priority is to establish the best possible learning environment for students, where multi-age classrooms allow flexibility in learning pace. The Superintendent expresses gratitude for a place that fosters a lifelong love of learning, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach that considers academics, social-emotional development, and real-world interactions.

Teacher Assistant – Focused on Student Success: A Teacher Assistant from Lower Elementary, with four years of experience, emphasizes the importance of helping students learn and creating a positive environment. The personal connections formed with colleagues and students are cherished, showcasing the impact of Goodwater beyond the academic realm.

Support Staff – Fostering Independence and Peace Education: A member of the support staff, with three years at Goodwater, appreciates the Montessori curriculum and values that Goodwater promotes a peaceful and hardworking environment. The emphasis on fostering independence and peace education is a testament to Goodwater’s commitment to holistic development.

Executive Assistant and Communication Coordinator – A Close-Knit, Caring, Supportive Environment: This staff member, in their fourth year, describes Goodwater as close-knit, caring, and supportive. The gratitude extends to colleagues and students, highlighting the familial atmosphere at our school.

Director of Special Programs – Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: In their second year, the Director of Special Programs celebrates the inclusive nature of Goodwater, describing it as respectful, diverse, and unique. The emphasis is on providing opportunities to serve unique and diverse families alongside dedicated educators and administrative staff.

Upper Elementary Guide – Fostering a Fun, Inclusive, and Inspiring School: A new guide for our 4th and 5th graders expresses gratitude for the wide representation of students and the unconditional love and acceptance they experience. Goodwater is described as a place where differences are celebrated, and students feel safe, happy, and inspired.

Administrative Assistant – Supporting Students in a Fun, Safe Environment: An Administrative Assistant highlights the great team that comes together every day to support students in a fun, safe environment, emphasizing the collective effort behind the scenes.

Guide in Upper Elementary – Feeling at Home and Grateful for Opportunities: A guide in Upper Elementary, with 1 1/2 years of experience, expresses gratitude for the kindness and confidence received since arriving at Goodwater. The school is described as a place where they feel at home and part of the family.

Lead Guide in Primary – Diverse and Inclusive Montessori Community: With four years at Goodwater, the Lead Guide in Primary appreciates being part of a community offering free Montessori education to everyone. The diversity and inclusivity of the public Montessori school community are celebrated.

School Operations Coordinator – Appreciating the Commitment and Care: Having been at Goodwater for 1 and 1/2 years, the School Operations Coordinator praises the school’s culture, knowledge, and support from other administrators. The commitment and care shown by staff towards each other, parents, and students are increasingly appreciated over time.

Assistant Guide – Creating a Nurturing Environment: An Assistant Teacher with three months of experience appreciates the alternative education approach at Goodwater, with lower student-teacher ratios and personalized learning paths. The loving, attentive, and supportive atmosphere creates a nurturing space for students.

Montessori Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator – Four and a Half Years of Dedication: With 4.5 years at Goodwater, the Montessori Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator underscores the commitment to public Montessori education. The dedication extends to providing equal opportunities for students in Williamson County to experience a Montessori education.

Guide in Lower Elementary – Energizing Learning Through Differences: A guide in Lower Elementary, new to Goodwater this year, appreciates the energetic and fun atmosphere. The school’s recognition of different learning methods is acknowledged as an essential aspect of education.

SPED Assistant Choosing Wholesome over Traditional: A SPED Assistant, with children in their third year at Goodwater, values the wholesome environment over the challenges posed by traditional middle schools in the ISD. Goodwater provides a better, more nurturing alternative for children.

Previous Lead Guide, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, – Equal Opportunity for Montessori Education: Having been part of Goodwater for six years, this staff member supports public Montessori for its resilience and dedication to providing equal opportunities for students in Williamson County.

Conclusion: As we approach Giving Tuesday, the stories shared by our administration, guides, and support staff highlight the profound impact of Goodwater Montessori Charter School. The commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment is evident in every response. Your support on Giving Tuesday will contribute to sustaining this transformative experience for more children, ensuring that Montessori education continues to build a brighter future for all. Join us in expressing gratitude and giving back to a community that believes in the power of education to shape lives positively. Together, let’s make Giving Tuesday a day that truly makes a difference in the lives of our students and our community.