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Family Newsletter Friday, February 9, 2024

Hi, Goodwater Montessori Families

I hope this note finds all of you and your families well.

RAISE CRAZE is off to a great start this first week. Please accept our thanks for the support you have shown so far. Please keep talking to everyone about all the kindness spreading around our school and beyond.

Chinese New Year, February 10, 2024

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a vibrant and joyous celebration deeply rooted in Chinese culture. This important holiday is marked by a rich tapestry of traditions, including family reunions, festive decorations, and symbolic rituals. The festival lasts for 15 days and is a time of renewal, hope, and the welcoming of good fortune.

During Chinese New Year, vibrant red lanterns adorn streets and homes, and crackling fireworks fill the air. Families gather for a lavish reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, emphasizing the significance of togetherness and harmony. Traditional dragon and lion dances captivate audiences, symbolizing prosperity and warding off negative energy.

One of the most cherished customs is giving red envelopes, or “hongbao,” containing money to bring luck and prosperity in the coming year. Each Chinese New Year is represented by a zodiac animal, with 2024 being the Year of the Dragon.

Overall, Chinese New Year is a time of reverence for tradition, celebration, and embracing new beginnings. It is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and enduring spirit of the Chinese people.

Parent/Guide Conferences- February 20, 2024

You should receive a sign-up from your guide for conferences if you have not already.  This is a time to discuss your student’s success and areas of growth.

Black History Celebration- February 20, 2024

In celebration of Black History Month, there will be a walk-through gallery of displays done by the communities.

Important Note From The Registrar, Kim Hodges

Currently enrolled families do not need to complete the new 2024-2025 application. This application is for new students only. An intent to return Google doc will go out to all enrolled families the week of February 19th and will be due by March 8th. If you answer that your student will be returning next school year, you will receive a returning student registration packet the week of April 15th. 

If you have a student who is not currently enrolled at Goodwater, please complete the new student application and mark that they are a sibling of a currently enrolled student. 

Please email with any questions. 


We hit our first goal this week! As of today, we have over 150 Acts of Kindness, $6k in donations, and a whole lot of kindness spread among our students and staff.

Want to double your donation? Check with your employer if they can match your donation!

Big thanks to all the wonderful families who have shared their beloved books with our library! Keep the kindness flowing! 📚🌟 A magical box awaits in the front office for students and caregivers to drop off treasures all month. Our library is bursting with excitement as it blossoms each day! 🌷✨
And remember, any books we can’t cuddle up with will become funds to help our school📚💖 . 


Black History MonthFebruary. ALL MONTH LONG!
Spring & Class PhotosFebruary 15th, 8:30 am-12 pm 
Sweet Heart Family DanceFebruary 16th, 6 pm-8:30 pm
President’s Day, No SchoolMonday, February 19, 2024
Family/ Teacher Conference Day
Professional Development 
Tuesday, February 20
Board Meeting, Georgetown Public LibraryTuesday, February 27, 6:30 pm
Spring Break, No SchoolMarch 11 – 13